Who are we?


SMILe Global Management is a company set up with only one thing in mind. Serving our clients, whether they are Investors, Money Managers or Institutions. We take the upmost care to ensure our clients money is safe and secure


We were set up as part of the investment and trading business of Independent Portfolio Managers Limited (IPM) to ensure that our clients receive the best possible access to the right trading strategy that meets their needs, as well as the regulation that helps them to trade effectively.


IPM advises and manages multi million pound funds on behalf of clients, including model portfolios, visa portfolios and hedge funds.


The team has extensive backgrounds in trading, investments, wealth management and private clients. The average life in the industry of the team is well over 20 years.


The three  members of the senior team are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK 184115.




SMILe's management team is:




Tony has over thirty years experience of working in the City of London for companies such as JO Hambro where he was appointed a Director of their IMRO regulated Investment Management Company. He has worked as an investment manager within the IFA community, managing broker funds, onshore and offshore.


He has a wide experience of all types of investment products with special expertise in investment trusts with particular reference to split capital investment trusts which was gained at Gartmore Investments. While at Hambros Bank he was Company Secretary of their Unit Trust Company as well as Hambro Generalli Unit Trusts. He was a founding Director and Company Secretary to The National Association of Broker Fund & Investment Managers Limited and is an member of the Securities Institute and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.







Ian has worked in the financial market place for over twenty years having started with companies such as Provident Financial and then AON. He has lived and worked in the UK, as well as Denmark, Germany, Portugal and France. He has been involved with Foreign Exchange as an 'asset class' since 1994 where he headed up the operations and sales for a tri-party of Swiss Banks.


Later he worked with major institutions across Europe in Portfolio and Investment Management. After returning to the UK from Paris, where he was Managing Director for a Portfolio and Trading business, he took up a career in Financial Systems and Consultancy, heading up the Sales for  companies such as Misys plc. During this time Ian had continued to trade and manage investment strategies, and it was whilst working with IPM that brought Ian back into the trading market place again full time.







Steve started his career with a number of financial institutions, before becoming a pit trader on the LIFFE floor with Lloyds and then JP Morgan. He founded SMP Futures in 2000, which was then sold to RefCo six years later. He continued to work with a number of insitutions as well as managing his own large portfolio of investments. 


He also set up a Foreign Exchange deliverable company, which he still maintains a personal stake in. His experience of the trading market place has ensured that he is known and well respected in the City and it was involvement with IPM that caused the three directors to decide to create SMILe as a company within the group of businesses that make up IPM.







Jarratt began trading FX in 2005 and is almost completely self taught, making him a unique participant within the city. He honed his trading skills on his own personal trading accounts whilst looking to forward his professional trading career.

He first started trading professionally for clients in 2008 after being head hunted into the Hong Kong based hedge fund, WealthbuilderFX. Within six months of trading client accounts for the fund he was promoted to head of trading based on his results and performance.


In 2010, Jarratt joined SMILe where he works closely with the trading team to offer profitable strategies and performance on client accounts through their managed account program. Jarratt also leads his own team of traders and analysts within SMILe to offer clients consistent FX trading performance, using both discretionary and algorithmic trading models within a professional, regulated environment.





STEPHEN MEPSTEAD - Investment Strategist


Stephen has over 30 years in the financial industry. He has continuously been involved in the Foreign Exchange and Commodities markets, and has worked for major institutions including; E F Hutton, Drexel Burnham and Dean Witter Reynolds where he was a Director. He ran his own City of London regulated company and was trading advisor and consultant to M.A.M, up to 2001.

He has continued to develop trading systems since then and published his book "The Mind Games of Trading" in 2002. He was CEO of Spot Forex Management to 2010 and was actively involved in a start-up business, ADS Securities in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, until 2012 when he returned to London and started working with SMILe.




ALEXANDER SMITH- Head of Equities


Alex has been in the finance industry for over ten years. First, learning his trade at Schneider Trading in London, under a proprietary umbrella within a specialised team, Alex became accomplished in the bond markets trading fixed income derivatives.


With his knowledge and experience gained here, and accompanying his Economics degree, he went onto set up his own investment company trading specifically equities, and from which has achieved stellar performances year after year. Since joining Smile in 2013, Alex has progressed to lead his own Specialised Managed Accounts team, subsequently becoming head of the equities division.








SMILe Global Management  2010


SMILe Global Management is a trading name of Independent Portfolio Managers Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FSA)


Trading foreign exchange, commodity futures, options, precious metals and other over-the-counter or on-exchange products carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Precious metal contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act.